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Car Wash Bays

Our bays can easily handle standard-sized vehicles. Cars, Trucks, and Vans are no issues. We usually have staff on duty to assist in backing out of your bay safely. Users can use coins or prepaid wash cards. Wash Cards give bonus time.


Your vehicle in the winter months constantly has exposure to weather and road conditions. Some experts recommend washing your car every week to reduce salt damage. Summer months can also wreak havoc on your vehicle. All you have to do is look at your vehicle after driving at night. Bugs can damage your paint.

  • Bright Lighting - One of the things you notice in addition to the clean wash bays is the bright lighting. It makes it easy to leave with your car sparkling.
  • Foam Brush – Our bays have the Foam Brush Option available for filthy vehicles.
  • Presoak – This function loosens dirt and grime. It is one of the basic steps in washing a vehicle.
  • Bug Tire Motor Clean – This function may be necessary for those areas that require more than just soap and water. Most people will use this in bug season, and it works well on tires. Some use it for cleaning their interior rubber mats.
  • Soap – Using the high-pressure wand, carefully wash your car. Standing about three feet from the vehicle, point the wand a the ground and then start to wash your car. You will want to protect the surface of your vehicle and keep the wand away from paint surfaces and trim.
  • Rinse- This function cleans the soap off the vehicle. After this, you will know if you missed any spots.
  • Wax – This function places a thin layer of wax on the vehicle. Although not as effective as wax applied by hand, it does apply wax uniformly and quickly. It enhances the car’s existing shine and prevents water spots.
  • Spot Free Rinse - The spot-free rinse is the last function of the car wash. The water used is free of impurities because the water is softened and filtered through reverse osmosis. When switching from High-Pressure Rinse to Spot Free Rinse, experts recommend that you bleed the hose for a few seconds to leverage 100% Spot Free Rinse Water.
  • Vacuum – Sometimes, having a clean car means more than just the outside of the vehicle. We provide those options for you so that your whole vehicle is clean when you leave.
  • Air Dry – This function can quickly dry your vehicle with scratching. The Air Dry option s is an excellent option for getting water off your windows, and door handles, mirrors and door locks.
  • Cleaning Supplies – The Car Wash has an office filled with all types of cleaning products and supplies. Remember that you can also replenish your card through the office staff, and they will provide a receipt for you. Some use this system to claim business expenses related to their
    vehicle. Call us regarding fleet vehicles.
  • Free Drying Time – When our car wash is not overly busy, we advise customers that they can use our free drying time. A light will turn on near the exit door of the car wash, indicating that free drying time is available. Please Note - If the light is not on, free drying time is not available.

       Ask about our Fleet Card options.

Lawson Auto Wash Card

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